Emergency management operations center

Emergency management operations room

Prefabricated modular building, according to anti-seismic patent, used as an operational block for emergencies and consisting of environments for the management of emergencies and their ancillary technical and operational appliances.

The aseismic structure of the center for the management of emergencies can extend and articulate on one or more floors.

In the case of several floors, the stairs, constrained with the anti-seismic structure, remain accessible during seismic tremors.

The elevators, whose supporting structures are connected with the structure of the prefabricated operations room, remain functional and usable during the earthquakes. The UPS guarantees the normal operation of the elevators, even when the normal supply of electricity is interrupted due to the earthquake, until the generator sets into operation.

A helipad can be built above the emergency management operations center building. During earthquakes the helicopter can fly off and land normally, as there is no relative displacement between the flying helicopter and the building due to the earthquake.

The anti seismic operations room, during high magnitude earthquakes, remains safe, accessible and operational.

During and after a strong earthquake or other calamity, all the human and professional resources that flow and operate in the emergency center are preserved and protected, so that, without fear, they can coordinate emergency interventions and rescue operations.

Patent of the building